Cant' we really? Find out some of the missions we have been entrusted with over the years, some of which are "out of the ordinary"....
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"Assisting a Luxury Fashion House with all of its legal translation requirements."

After working together for several years without a formal agreement, a framework agreement was put in place between our two organisations. This agreement is the result of the relationship forged over various projects between the respective teams. It is based on the implementation of fine-tuned processes to remain as true as possible to the culture of this prestigious Fashion House and perfectly caters to its requirements and international challenges.

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When the respect of the filing date and the quality of the bid to a call for tenders notably depend on the reactivity and expertise of your translation partner

Translation of technical specifications in 2 months - 4 million words

In 2013 the Group translated almost 4million words in relation to a Dutch Group’s bid following an invitation totender in the field of wind turbines. A team of around ten people was puttogether in 3 days and worked tirelessly (including weekends) in order todeliver the translation on time.

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When a national health agency issues a warning, and the results of the subsequent study will have multiple consequences

In 2017, IPAC TRADUCTIONS, our company dedicated to the medical sector, was selected to translate hundreds of CIOMS documents regarding the new Levothyroxine formula. In a race against time, our teams worked for almost a year, translating documents on a daily basis.

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Consultancy and the implementation of a process ensuring a human translation into 17 languages that was in line with the development sprints of our client’s SaaS solution.

Through initial trial and error and rapid adaptation, everything was put into place to quickly establish a sturdy and high-performance process. The different time periods also had to be considered, as translators needed to be in their native country to best localise the proposed content to local users.

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"When a business’s expertise and its R&D investments require specific protection"

The golden age of patent translations - 4,000 pages per day for more than 5 years.

From 2000 to 2007, the date on whichFrance ratified the London Agreement, bringing an end to the translation of invention patents, one of our teams, SOTRATECH, translated 4,000 pages per day from English to French. These highly technical patents required linguists with expertise in all fields, such as the technical, medical, chemicals, robotics and nuclear domains etc. A team of patent translators and proofreaders made up of almost 40 people, supported by our project managers, enabled us to respond to daily requests from intellectual property firms.

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When the international performance of a major brand relies on attractive editorial content and on the SEO performance of an e-commerce website

This brand felt restricted by the French market and decided that their time had come to shine on an international market. A team was therefore established, and a budget was decided upon. With delivery logistics and stock management, the adaptation of contracts and client undertakings to local laws, and the recruitment of a country specific manager, it was a complex project with various components.This also included the internationalisation of the transactional website (translation, localisation, and rewriting certain content, etc.).

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