''With a brave heart, nothing is impossible''

This summarises the state of mind of all our employees.
(Jacques Coeur)

The Tradutec Group is one of the leaders on the translation and language services market in western Europe. Created in 1962 to satisfy the requirements of legal professionals, it has since developed independently on both the French and European markets under different brands and within the principal economic sectors. “Satisfying the language requirements of businesses and institutions, both in France and around the world, is the mission of all of our employees.”

The translation field: our vision

International communication is crucial to the development of a large number of businesses. The number of these businesses is constantly increasing, and this organisational trend comes with an increase in the need for translations. Alongside this, the evolution of translation technologies, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence and neural networks, enables increased flexibility and productivity in certain situations and for certain requirements. 

We therefore aim to offer our clients the most relevant solutions, that satisfy their specific requirements and objectives, in every situation. As translation specialists, the association of human and technological resources is at the heart of our approach.

Illustration de l'alliance homme-machine
Our companies
"Assisting a Luxury Fashion House with all of its legal translation requirements."
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