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The Tradutec Group is once again ranked amongst the top 100 language service providers in the world

The Tradutec Group is once again ranked amongst the top 100 language service providers in the world and 17th in the top 35 language service providers in western europe

Due to its resilience, pertinence and ability to adapt to evolving requirements and technological evolutions, the Tradutec Group has once again been ranked amongst the best language service players on an international level.

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(Paris, 4th August 2020) - The CSA Research 2020 ranking has placed the Tradutec Group (13companies in France and Benelux, turnover of €10M) 17th out of the language service and technology companies in Western Europe. 

Considered as one of the leading language service specialist groups in France, the Tradutec Group has been assisting both the local and international teams of well-known brands with their major projects for many years.

Its industry-specific approach, and the close relationship that its teams have with their clients enable the Tradutec Group to help them realise their national and international ambitions. Due to their expertise in the translation, interpretation and related professions (Desktop publishing, copywriting, etc.),its employees commit to ensuring that their clients obtain their objectives.

Over the years, through listening to and understanding the various client challenges they have been faced with, the different teams within the Group have been able to provide their clients with the peace of mind that they deserve.

When faced with competition from low cost, generalised solutions or distant teams based overseas, the Group has demonstrated time and time again that close client relationships, expertise and the commitment of its project managers are a force to be reckoned with. They assist with development projects on a daily basis, notably through the translation and formatting of documents and content required by businesses and brands. This assistance is provided at a reasonable price, without quality risks, and without the fear of unmet deadlines, or unkept promises.

The Tradutec Group caters to an extensive range of client issues: administrative processes in connection with foreign authorities, the distribution of training modules to foreign subsidiaries, the localisation of e-commerce websites aiming to entice clients and enter a new market, and arbitration on a global scale, etc. Whatever the challenge, the Tradutec Group has the solution. When confronted with an unprecedented situation, the experience and expertise acquired over the years enables the teams to come up with a targeted, pertinent and effective solution.Depending on the client’s profession and the nature of their requirement, the request is handled by the company within the Group with the most relevant expertise.

“Our position asa one-stop shop for “language services” reassures our clients,” explains Éric Bonnefous, Managing Director. “We provide our clients with the specific expertise that they need: an available partner that understands their profession and the accompanying constraints. We are first and foremost problem solvers; we find perfectly optimised solutions to cater to our clients’ challenges. We are continuously, and happily, improving every day. Certain people may view words as “insignificant”, or even an unnecessary expense, but this could not be further from the truth. They can mean the difference between success and failure in a good number of professional contexts, and this will continue to be the case, especially in the current climate; we may be further apart, but words can bring us together.” 

Download the “The Tradutec Group features in the TOP 100 language service companies in the world” press release.