The most effective translation and interpretation tools and solutions.

First principle: the choice of tools and processes must be guided by one sole criterion: obtaining our clients’ objectives. Second principle: the human translator must remain in control. Third principle: wherever possible, we must not hesitate to “enhance” the performance of translators, proofreaders and project managers. This is known as “enhanced” translation or “hybrid translation”.

Our methodology: using tools and processes that are adapted to every requirement

We will be scrupulous when analysing your requirements. In addition, our questions will sometimes highlight and examine your biases. If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all service, we are not the company for you. For translations, our proposals will firstly take into account three main expectations: cost / quality / deadline. We will also consider other elements such as the frequency of your requirements, any potential subsequent updates of the document to be translated, your language assets, the need for terminological coherence, and the need to adapt the text, i.e., the localisation of the content, etc. 

There is a whole variety of criteria that will enable us to provide the optimal solution for your requirements. For interpretation services, we will touch on other subjects, such as the audience, the need for simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpretation, and the localisation of participants, etc.

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Together we will analyse your short-,medium- and long-term objectives as well as the nature of your requirements, in a straight-forward and transparent manner. This analysis will consider your business’s culture, organisation and processes, as well as the tools you use. Our recommendations will therefore always be specifically adapted to your situation. We are all for the automation and optimisation of processes, but we believe that this should never take precedence over the people that manage your daily activity. YES to optimisation and automation, NO to the dehumanisation of business relations.

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Whether due to a legal obligation, to communicate with foreign stakeholders, to train your international teams, to increase sales, or to make yourself heard (and be understood), your content is important, and its translation must be accurate. Our teams know this and are committed to supporting you. In addition to a perfect understanding and the optimisation of the quality/cost/deadline requirements, all the standards of our noble profession are respected. Our methods:

• Recruiting the best translators that translate into their mother tongue

• Identifying and confirming their areas of expertise

• Understanding your profession

• Organizing all technological tools ensuring rapidity, precision, coherence and relevance.

• Giving you the peace of mind that you need, reassuring you and advising you.

With the Tradutec Group, you are in good hands.

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Swearing in and legalization

We can provide you with peace of mind by managing all of your administrative formalities. The legalisation process is complex. The stages and prerequisites of the process evolve alongside diplomatic relations, international agreements or even any relevant decrees that are enacted.

 We have a perfect understanding of the complex details and hold all the solutions to successfully guide you through the administrative and consular labyrinth.Our teams will manage every step of the process, including the imponderables.Our sworn translations are officially recognised, and no administrative procedures elude our professionals.

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Whether consecutive, simultaneous or whispered, you can leave the technique up to us. Together we will concentrate on the most important elements. Powerful rhetoric can change a business’s future.

 It is important to ensure that your message is meticulously and precisely conveyed to your clients. The current trend of remote business relations is no reason to lower your expectations. In contrast, negotiations that are successfully carried out in a client’s mother tongue are always appreciated and require an understanding of the culture and the nuances of the language. Limited language skills and imprecise statements can compromise conferences, symposiums or executive committee meetings. Our project managers are fully aware of this. They understand the challenges you face and will be able to offer you a smooth process accompanied by reliable technological tools and solutions.

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The world seems to waiver between hyper-specialisation and standardisation. We know where we stand. We speak your language, understand your jargon and will face up to your challenges. We understand what unites your peers and your community. Your stance will be perfectly conveyed in the translated content and speech. The proof is in the structure of our group! We are comprised of 13 companies, each with a specialised team, and we provide perfectly tailored solutions.

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Technological options

The technological revolution is undeniable. Translation processes are becoming increasingly complex; we started with dictionaries, before moving on to CAT Tools, neural translation and AI.The number of different file formats containing text is continuously increasing. Updates of content are also increasingly frequent. Together, these three factors have an organisational impact on our profession: there is no tone, but several translation processes that cater to this set of constraints.Effective support is vital.

Where can it be found? We identify the processes, select the tools that best meet your requirements and inform you of the pros and cons of the chosen options.

 In the end, nothing (or almost nothing) is impossible, and as always, we work with complete transparency.

Tools and technology

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Transcription and Voice Over

100% human or enhanced (AI) translations

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Remote interpretation

Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Kudo, Interprefy, Converso

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Formats and Media

All existing formats and media, Desktop and SaaS

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Automatic translation

Combined automatic neural Translation + Memories

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Desktop publishing

Indesign, Illustrator, Xpress, etc.

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Server solutions

MemoQ Server

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LMS platforms

Memsource, Smartcat, etc.

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CAT Tools

MemoQ, Trados, PoEdit