All our companies share one guiding principle.

Our objective has always been the same: To satisfy all our clients’ requirements by providing them with an expert, tailored solution.
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For more than 50 years, the Group has been gradually developing. It is 100% family owned and financially independent. Our development over the years has been based on two main principles:

Assisting our clients through the constant evolution of their requirements

We are able to meet these requirements through our 360° language service and our in-depth understanding of the expertise and technologies available.

Building our clients’ confidence

To work with satisfied and stress-free clients on a daily basis. Today, our teams are able to respond to all (99%) of the language needs of businesses and administrations: translation, rewriting, localisation, proofreading and interpretation, etc.

Logo company Tradutec Traductions

Tradutec Traductions

The ideal partner for communications, marketing and finance professionals.

Legal translation Financial translation Sworn translation Translation of online contents Sales and marketing translation Technical translation Interpretation

Logo company IPAC


The epitome of expertise. ISO certified. Exclusively dedicated to players in the pharmaceuticals industry and healthcare institutions.

Medical translation Interpretation Transcription Medical software localisation Proofreading

Logo company TradOnline


A specialist in complex technological and often digital projects, composed of dedicated (and somewhat geeky) team members.

General translation Translation of e-commerce websites Proofreading Machine translation and post-edition Outsourced project management Interpreting Transcription SEO optimization

Logo company Cabinet Bonnefous

Cabinet Bonnefous

The go-to partner for legal professionals requiring expert translations.

Legal translation Certified and sworn translation

Logo company Amaïa


A company with a genuine passion for the craftsmanship, art and precision manufacturing trades. They are continually searching for high quality work. A team specialised in creative translation, dedicated to companies with strong brand identities.

Luxury, watchmakers, beauty, health,... Translation, Writing, Transcreation Translation Project management DTP, subtitling, transcription, ... Interpreting (face-to-face, remote) Localisation of online contents

Logo company Bilis Traduction

Bilis Traduction

Translation, sworn translations, and legalisation: a comprehensive kit to assist with overcoming administrative obstacles that is dedicated to legal and financial departments. All wrapped up with an editorial and marketing finish.

Financial translation Legal translation Marketing translation Technical translation Web / e-commerce translation

Logo company Sotratech


A one-stop shop for all your translation needs, with a strong affinity for the technological and technical domains.

Technical translation Legal and sworn translation Translation of medical equipments Translation of patents Software translation Post-editing of machine translation (MTPE)

Logo company Beauty Words

Beauty Words

Their team provides editorial content that is hand crafted for major brands and could rival that of a publishing house. They work wonders with words!

Luxury, Beauty, Fashion and prestigious Brands Translation and editing Copywriting and transcreation Interpretation (remote, local) Translation project management DTP & Subtitling CAT & post-editing

Logo company Captaintrad


For individuals only. Sworn translation

Sworn translation

Logo company D&V Translation

D&V Translation

A team of staunch Europeans! They are attentive to the requirements of both Belgian and International Administrations. An expert on the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking markets.

Business documents of all types Website translation Software and app localisation

Logo company Tradulux


A local partner of banks, fiduciaries, law firms and European administrations in the Benelux zone. Reactivity to any challenge. Their advantage: a network of court registered sworn translators.

Financial translation Legal translation Technical translation

Logo company Traductions Assermentées

Traductions Assermentées

Supporting private individuals throughout their lifetime. Online sworn translations of any administrative documents needed for their procedures.

Sworn translations