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The Tradutec Group ranks amongst the top 40 language service providers in western europe

The Tradutec Group ranks amongst the top 40 language service providers in western europe

The annual Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) ranking saw the Tradutec Group and its 13 companies being ranked 17th out of the language service providers in Western Europe.

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The Tradutec group generates a turnover of €10M and provides various language services from human translation to the post-edition of automatic translations, as well as localisation, subtitling, interpretation, desktop processing and legalisation. Its excellent ranking is the reward for the efforts of all the group’s employees, spread out over the different companies and brands.

(Paris, 22nd June 2018) - Today, the Tradutec Group announced its official position in the world ranking of the largest language service providers in the industry.Published in June 2018 by the independent market study firm, Common SenseAdvisory, “The Language Services Market: 2018” study ranked the Tradutec Group amongst the largest language service providers on the global market (46.52billion USD). The Tradutec Group was ranked as the 17th largest service provider in Western Europe and the 66th largest in the world. The group is made up of teams and brands that are specialised in specific activity sectors, notably legal, medical, luxury goods and online content, as well as more general translation brands.

Within the context of the quantitative study, CSA Research questioned suppliers from around the world in order to find out their real turnover as declared for 2016and 2017, as well as their provisional turnover for 2018. In this 14th annual report (the only comprehensive study available to date), CSA Research reported that the global demand for language services increased by 7.99% between 2017and 2018, i.e., an increase of more than 7% compared to the demand recorded between2016 and 2017.

Eric Bonnefous, Managing Director of the Group, states that, “The increase in global demand can also be observed on our domestic markets. In France and Belgium, the market is growing, with certain sectors developing more quickly than others.”

CSA Research forecasts that the language services industry will continue to grow over the next few years and that the global market will reach 56.18 billion USD between now and 2021.

“Demand remains driven by the globalisation of business. Furthermore, internet users increasingly want brands to communicate with them in their mother tongue.Internet users are much more likely to make a purchase from a brand or an e-commerce website that communicates with them in their other tongue than if the language used is not their mother tongue. Furthermore, this localisation of content and products reduces clients’ service costs and increases brand loyalty,” explains Donald A. DePalma, founder of CSA Research.

About the Tradutec Group

Made up of 13 general or specialist companies, the group operates in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and has clients all over the world. The group has developed both organically and through its three acquisitions over the last five years. Contact: presse@tradutec.com

About CommonSense Advisory

Common SenseAdvisory (CSE Research) is the leading market studies company specialised in the language services and technology industry. It provides primary data and information to assist businesses with planning, brand strategy, innovation, and competitive positioning as well as providing a better understanding of global markets. www.commonsenseadvisory.com – Contact Common Sense Advisory: media@commonsenseadvisory.com